Our Commitment

We always do our best to answer all our customers’ questions regarding their particular circumstances. An estimate can vary widely even based on the direction a home faces and other factors can enter in, including previous workmanship. We strive to give people enough knowledge of their home so they can feel confident in their choice to embark upon their project, even often providing photos of aspects of their roof that would otherwise never be observed standing on the lawn looking upwards. We know that a major undertaking such as a new roof is a big decision that a homeowner has often planned for far in advance, and they want to get the highest quality for their hard-earned money. We have extensive files, photos and records dating back decades on each of our clients by name and address and when they call us, whether, for a routine trough cleaning or a new roof, we rapidly know exactly what work has been done in the past and can move forward from there with certainty.

We do our best to explain estimates to clients and will be descriptive about why certain points should be addressed so our customers can make informed decisions.

We pride ourselves on being safety trained and we are fully WSIB Certified. We only employ subcontractors that are compliant with the precautions and policies issued for the trades in Ontario. 

The handful of subcontractors that we hire under the umbrella of Gable Roofing are experts in the field and each have over 30 years of experience with countless satisfied customers.  

Rest assured that our correspondance with our customers, including estimates, past detailed invoices and photos are kept secure and are in reach whenever needed to either refer to or as a launching point when embarking upon a new project. This improves our overall quality assurance. It is extremely important to us to have the full picture of what you need and want and knowing your home’s specifications and workmanship history plays a vital role to that end.

Our Executives

Crystal Hauk

Director and CEO
As Director and CEO, Crystal has taken over Gable with over 25 years experience in management and quality control to her credit. She oversees all financial matters and ensures all invoicing is accurate and punctual. She has, as well, been trained on key manuals on the subject of roofing from leaders in the industry and uses her knowledge of effective roofing technology to ensure projects are done thoroughly resulting in satisfied customers.

Bill Osvath

Director and President
Bill has over 40 years of hands-on experience in roofing. He originally trained and apprenticed under experts in the field and handles the majority of Gable’s estimates, customer relations, oversees all aspects of delivery and handles arrangements from materials to crews, to ensure that all is in order to fulfill customer contracts in a professional and timely manner. 

Trevor Hauk

Trevor has been working in the trades for over 15 years and has apprenticed to a meticulous standard under the top roofers in the industry. He handles customer relations, scheduling of projects, arrangement of materiel and very often is part of the delivery crew on the ground ensuring any specific request is a success. He is likely the friendly voice on the phone calling to let a customer know they are scheduled and that someone will be arriving promptly to assist them with their roofing needs.